Hop on Over to the Bunny Cafe in Hongdae

Yesterday while hanging out in Hongdae my daughter and I happened upon what has to be the newest animal cafe in Seoul!  Just 10 days old, Bunny Cafe lets you do just what the name suggests, hang out with adorable little bunnies.  The cafe has a cute Alice in Wonderland theme throughout, and I loved the checkered floors with the bright pink and blue color scheme.  DSC_4414DSC_4411Upon entering the cafe we were greeted by one of the owners.  She explained how to hold the bunnies.  Then we were each able to choose from 12 different bunnies which ones we wanted to pet.  They have several different types of bunnies, long haired, short haired, different colors, floppy eared ones. ❤

After choosing our furry friends we walked into the petting enclosure where we sat down and pet our bunnies.  My daughter and I do not have much experience with bunnies so these little guys were cracking us up.  You have to hold them a certain way so they feel secure otherwise they will take off on you.  My girl was a little nervous and had a harder time holding on to them.  She’d have one for a couple of minutes, but then it would escape her, and go hopping off all over the enclosure, which is very cute in it’s own right.  For an additional 2,000 Won you can buy food to feed the bunnies which we did.  Not being very familiar with bunnies one thing we were surprised about is how much bunnies poop! lol  They hop and poop, hop and poop, kinda ew, but the owners were right there sweeping everything up and keeping the area as clean as possible.DSC_4353

The enclosure area is quite large, you and three friends could easily fit.DSC_4383DSC_4376DSC_4387DSC_4405DSC_4393DSC_4367DSC_4409That floppy eared gray one, so cute!  So if you are into animal cafes or you just love bunnies, then you should hop on over to the Bunny Cafe. 😉


Directions:  The Bunny Cafe is tucked away on one of the side streets off the main walking area in Hongdae.  Go to Hongik University Station, exit 9, turn left and walk to the main walking area.  Turn left again and walk until you come to a traffic circle.  Turn right down the street next to Hasty Com (where the three men are walking). DSC_4420Walk for just a couple of minutes and the cafe will be on the right (pink and blue building).  DSC_4416



7 thoughts on “Hop on Over to the Bunny Cafe in Hongdae

  1. Cassie says:

    Ahhh this sounds amazing! We’re always up for new animal cafes! Does this bunny cafe have an age limit? (my little animal lover is only 9 so I have to ask before we venture there!) and thank you for this post!


    • Roam with Racheal says:

      I love them too! I’m not sure about the age limit, but their phone number is 02 333 1660. One of the owners is from England so if you call and he’s there he should be able to answer your questions. You’re welcome, and I hope you and your daughter will be able to check it out. 🙂


    • Roam with Racheal says:

      Hi Cassie, so I just contacted the cafe to ask about kids and this was their response “Hi Racheal, No any age is okay as long they are supervised. If they are babies there is no fee charged. 2 years an older paid entry is required. Thanks” So it looks like you can take your daughter!!


  2. Jackson Wise says:

    Thank you for making this blog! My wife and I had trouble finding this place but once we saw your pictures and clear directions, it was super simple to find!


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