Feeling So So about Seoullo 7017

Seoullo 7017 created a lot of buzz before it’s grand opening. I read several articles about it and was so excited by the hype that I felt the need to check it out during the grand opening weekend. Seoullo 7017 is a revamped overpass that was originally built in 1970 and has now been transformed into a pedestrian walkway in 2017. There are 17 entrance/exits from the 938me path that lead to different sections of the city near Seoul Station. The path is nice enough but as of right now, it just isn’t that special. There are over 200 species of plants and trees planted which in a couple of years will probably be beautiful, provide shade, and those types of things, but right now they’re quite small and not so impressive. There are a few food stations along the strip but most of what was offered wasn’t that appetizing. I’d read that there is supposed to be a small library where people could sit and read books and puppet shows, but those things aren’t in place yet. If the plans that I’d read about all come to fruition then Seoullo 7017 might eventually be a really fun place to take a stroll but for now it just isn’t all that. It isn’t anything that needs to be added to a must see list. If you happen to be at Seoul Station and heading to Namdaemun Market and if you prefer to walk above ground rather than take the subway, then yeah it’s good for that. The walk does provide a nice view in some areas and while I wasn’t overly impressed with Seoullo 7017, I’m thinking it will get better in time.DSC_1005DSC_1016DSC_1024DSC_1030DSC_1036DSC_0992

One of the small eating establishmentsDSC_1029


The view of Seoul StationDSC_1082

Namdaemun GateDSC_1086


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