Seoul’s Meerkat Friends Cafe

Oh yes you read that right, in Seoul there is a meerkat cafe, and it is awesome! The city of Seoul has over 18,000 coffee shops. So what might a cafe owner do to compete? Well in some cases they bring in animals, but not just any old animals. Sure you can find dog and cat cafes, but you can also find raccoon and now a meerkat cafe.  Last Saturday my daughter and I headed to Hongdae to find ourselves some meerkats! I couldn’t locate any good directions on how to walk there from the subway so once we exited Hongik University Station we just found the tourist helpers that are dressed in red and asked them where to go. We found the cafe easily and headed up to the third floor. As soon as you walk through the door you have to swap out your shoes for a pair of crocs and order your drink. The drinks are on the expensive side costing 8,000-10,000 Won each, but we didn’t really go there for drinks, we went to pet meerkats, and thus we didn’t mind the price. When we first arrived the meerkats were actually taking a nap so we drank our drinks and met the other cute critters at the cafe.

Sleepy meerkats.  How can I get this job? 😉

In addition to meerkats there is an absolutely adorable kitten who was more than happy to be scooped up and snuggled.DSC_7761DSC_7731

A frisky drink stealing raccoon!DSC_7650

Trying to lick up a couple of drops before the owner shooed him away and cleaned up his mess. lolDSC_7672DSC_7718

A fox.  This guy I actually felt a little bad for.  He seemed restless, like he didn’t really enjoy being there.  He wasn’t mean at all but did not want to be pet and pretty much kept moving trying to avoid anyone that came too near.  DSC_7664DSC_7721

When he got tired he found himself a spot way behind the cages so that he could sleep without anyone bothering him.DSC_7760

There was also a genet.  I’d never heard of a genet before but according to Wikipedia it’s “a member of the genus Genetta, which consists of 14 to 17 species of small African carnivorans”  He was so cool!DSC_7751DSC_7771DSC_7785

Finally the meerkats started waking up and we got in line to take a turn petting them.DSC_7607

There are two enclosures with meerkats and once inside we had about 10 minutes to sit and hang out with them.  The cafe gets crowded so I’d recommend getting there early, the hours are from 12:00-22:00.  You must be 15 to enter and agree to follow the posted rules.DSC_7723DSC_7609

My daughter and I had to wait probably 20 minutes or so before we could pet them but it was definitely worth it.  These little guys were so cute and sweet!  DSC_7638DSC_7617DSC_7703DSC_7614

If you are an animal lover or just looking for a unique animal experience I definitely say head over to Hongdae and check out Meerkat Friends Cafe!  I also just recently heard about a cafe with capybara!  Stay tuned to hear how that goes. 🙂

Address:  19-12 Wausan-ro 21-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul


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