The Super Moon Over Chiang Mai

It seems like every month I come across an article on facebook about an upcoming Super Moon. I am absolutely guilty of reposting them, so much so that my husband loves to tease me about it. He says things like, “When did we start calling every full moon a Super Moon?” Well this last full moon truly was a Super Moon. On November 14th the moon was the biggest and brightest that it has been in the last 60 years. The moon passed by the Earth at a distance of 356,511km – the closest it has passed the Earth since 1948. I just happened to be in Thailand during this lunar event and did my best to capture it with a little bit of Chaing Mai flair.dsc_0884dsc_1393dsc_1408dsc_1435

dsc_0967dsc_0977If you missed this moon, don’t worry you’ll have another chance to see one, just not until 2034. 😉  Of course there are all those other full moons that are pretty super too!  Happy Gazing.


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