Wororot Market, Not What I Expected

If you’ve followed me here for a bit then you know that I love markets.  I don’t just love any market though, I love crazy markets!  By that I mean I want to go into a market place and be wowed!  I want to see bizarre (to me) foods.  I’m talking snakes and bugs, it can be anything really as long as it’s different or unexpected.  The problem is the more I travel, the more I see, and thus it takes something pretty strange (to me) to surprise me now.  A basket full of pig heads, eh that’s commonplace in Korea.  The Old Town Market in Siem Reap, Cambodia is pretty good, one of my favorites even.  It had stands with dead chickens with their feet pointed into the ailes that looked like they wanted to reach out and grab you.  When I walked through the meat section, the smell literally turned my stomach, and I thought that’s how you know it’s a good market. 🙂  With Cambodia and Thailand being neighbors and all, I figured I’d find an exciting market in Chiang Mai for sure.  After a quick search for food markets in town, I came up with Wororot Market.  This market might satisfy most people and for those who haven’t travelled much outside of North America it would definitely be an interesting place.  It’s old and a little gritty which I like.  There were some food stalls outside, a few more selling fruits and vegetables inside, just a couple selling fish and chicken.  The largest section of the market though was selling pre packaged food and it just doesn’t get much more boring than that.  In addition to food, clothes and other household items can be purchased on the second and third floors.

Outside of the market.dsc_0588dsc_0589dsc_0665dsc_0614dsc_0595dsc_0633

This woman with her escaping eels was fun to see.dsc_0616dsc_0619dsc_0622

Cool signagedsc_0656

Pre packaged food, and this is where it lost me.dsc_0641dsc_0645dsc_0644

Across the street from the market is Chinatown and that looked like it could have been pretty interesting.  Sadly our allotted market time was up so we weren’t able to go too far into Chinatown.  We had to get back to our hotel to get ready for the Mae Jo Lantern release, which was the main reason we were in Chiang Mai in the first place. 🙂dsc_0662dsc_0659dsc_0639

I’m sure the type of market I was hoping for exists in Thailand, I just didn’t find it.  I would rate this market as a 3, definitely not the worst one ever, but it didn’t blow my mind either.  Have you ever been to a really crazy market?  If so I’d love to hear about it!





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