Jeonju, Just Do It

A friend and I recently spent the day checking out the Jeonju Hanok Village. The village is comprised of more than 800 hanok homes, traditional Korean style homes with turned up roof tops and ondol heated floors. The homes are very well perserved and the village has a strong artsy vibe. Numerous shops sell hand made items where you can find some unique trinkets to buy. If you are going for more than a day and don’t mind sleeping on the floor there are several lovely hanoks where you can stay right in the village center. I would describe the area as quaint and cute.dsc_7909dsc_7953dsc_7715dsc_7897dsc_7752dsc_7749

While the architecture is the main draw, what stood out for me was that Koreans seem to come here to really just relax and have fun. I can’t even begin to tell you how many shops there are that rent hanboks for visitors to wear. dsc_7784

Countless people were dressed up, posing for pics in the streets, down the alleyways, all over the place. We even saw boys dressed up in girls hanboks, something I’ve never seen anywhere else in Korea, and it seemed like everyone was there to just laugh and have a good time. dsc_7820dsc_7771dsc_7792dsc_7935

A boy wearing a girls hanbok, just one of many we saw that day.dsc_7881

In addition to hanbok, people also rented old timey school uniforms, so so cute! I took several pics of people in their outfits and most were excited to pose and have their photo taken.dsc_8052

The roads are closed off to outside traffic so you can wander easily checking out every nook and cranny but you do need to watch out for scooters.  Scooters and other types of fun transportation can be rented and many had children driving so do keep an eye out for them.dsc_7905

My friend and I had a fantastic day.  There really is a lot to do, tasty street food to try, a beautiful Catholic church to see, and while we were there a small parade made it’s way down the main street.  So I say Jeonju, just do it.  Go, dress up, maybe even ride a scooter, and just have a great time!  Cheers!dsc_7922

p.s. I’m totally addicted to grapegruit aide. ❤

Address:  29, Eojin-gil, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do


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