Never a Dull Moment at Naejangsa Temple

This past weekend I headed with a photographer friend of mine to Najeangsa National Park in the hopes of taking beautiful fall foliage photos. The leaves have started to change but we were a bit too early for the truly spectacular colors. Still we had a great time checking out a couple of the temples and doing a little hiking. Our first stop was Naejangsa Temple. While the temple itself wasn’t a real standout for me, there were several entertaining bits that make this a fun stop. We started our visit with a stroll through the market just outside of the park.

Some of the food available.

Two interesting things here, the volume of makgeolli (an alcoholic beverage made from rice or wheat and mixed with nuruk) being sold and the inordinate amount of male entertainers dressed as women. I’m not entirely sure, but the two might somehow be related. 😉

Makgeolli and spicy makgeolli

And the entertainers 🙂

This cutie was clearly enjoying her stroll through the market as well.  I can never get enough of these died dogs and take their picture every single time!dsc_7371

This one maybe not so much, the doggy bjorn, just say no. loldsc_7567

When we were finished at the market we decided to hop on a bus for 1,000 Won and get a ride to the temple.  The temple buildings themselves were small and nothing about them really jumped out at me, but the mountain backdrop is beautiful.dsc_7476dsc_7478dsc_7487

We chatted with this delightful monk for a bit.  I asked him how long he’d lived at the temple and he didn’t know but that it had a been a very long time.  This woman was so beautiful in her dress, had to take her pic.

On this particular day there was tea tasting, I’m not sure if this is always on offer but it was fun to try.

The temple area is quite small and doesn’t take long to get through which was good for us because we still had several other things we wanted to see that day.  We headed down the nature hiking trail which was very pretty.

This trail was mostly flat and an easy hike.  After twenty minutes or so of walking we then came to a very steep set of stairs that we could not see the end of.  At the bottom of the stairs was a large sign with instructions in case your friend were to have a heart attack!  While my friend and I are not old by any stretch, we aren’t spring chickens either, and decided rather than wreck a perfectly wonderful morning by having a heart attack, to turn around and go back the way we came. lol  For us Naejangsa temple was filled with one little surprise after another and we definitely enjoyed our visit.  With that I’ll leave you with the best surprise of all!

Can you believe him?  Amazing right!  You can leave a donation of 10,000 won and pick up one of his CD’s, which I totally did.  He just makes me smile every time I listen to him!  If you get the chance, a trip to Naejangsa National Park is definitely a good time, and if this temple doesn’t really do it for you there is another temple in the park a mere 30 minutes away that just might.

Address:  1253, Naejangsan-ro, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do



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