Oeam Folk Village has a Fabulous Fall Festival!

Fall is my absolute favorite season.  As an American living overseas there are some things that I miss about the States this time of year, namely pumpkin patches.  Choosing the perfect pumpkin, taking a hayride, getting lost in a corn maze, so much fun!  Well they don’t do that in South Korea and that’s just a little bit sad for some us.  If you find yourself feeling like I do, then I want to say to you, Cheer up Buttercup because I found a fantastic fall festival!  Every October the Oeam Folk Village in Asan hosts the Korea Straw Cultural Festival.  I’ve been in Korea for three years and never heard of or seen pics from friends of the festival until this year and sadly not until the last day.  This is a big event.  There were so many people that police were on site as well to control the traffic and assist with parking.  I just keep thinking how had I not heard about this, but just now when I did a search online I didn’t find anything about it there either, so you lucky readers now have the inside scoop. 🙂  It was pretty rainy while I was there, so I didn’t take near the pics that I usually would, but hopefully you can get an idea about how great this festival is.

The old bridge leading into the village.dsc_6676

So, you still aren’t going to be able to hand pick the perfect pumpkin but you can hop in a pool and hand pick the perfect fish.  I don’t know about your kids but my kids would have a lot more fun catching a fish than picking a pumpkin.dsc_6849dsc_6848

You might not be able to go on a hay ride but your kids can enjoy a hay slide, as well as numerous other fun activities.


Photo by Jennifer Noble

And you won’t be able to get lost in a corn maze but you can stroll through the rice fields checking out all of the awesome scarecrows.dsc_6687

At any good pumpkin patch in the States you can purchase farm grown food and you can do that at this festival too.  They had all kinds of food to buy, from very traditional rice cakes (which you can even help make by pounding the sticky rice with a large mallet), to “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.”  You sang that last part right? 😉


Photo by Jennifer Noble


And my favorite part of any Korean Festival, the cultural performances!

A drum/disc spinning performance.dsc_6715dsc_6744

I love the fan dance!


Photo by Jennifer Noble

A play.dsc_6779

A tea ceremony experiencedsc_6866

And so so much more!!  I’m including a copy of the pamphlet so that you can see just how many cultural activities were available.dsc_6928dsc_6930

It’s not the same as in the States, but this festival was absolutely great.  I left feeling happy and full of fall cheer!  I so wish that I’d known about this before because we would have gone every year.  I hope some of you will have the chance to attend this fantastic festival!  dsc_6669

Entrance into the Village, the cultural activities, and playground area were all free.  There was a charge between 2-5,000 Won for catching the fish and some of the other activities.

Location:13-2, Oeamminsok-gil 9beon-gil, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do



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