NatGeo Your Shot in Seoul

I love Seoul, it’s my favorite big city! The reason I love it so much is because there is always something cool going on. Take this past weekend for example, a two day photowalk was hosted by National Geographic Your Shot and the Seoul Metropolitan Government. It was the first time Your Shot has done a walk like this in Asia. Why did they pick Seoul? Because Seoul is the best! lol  As a photographer the chance to meet a National Geographic photo editor was beyond cool and I couldn’t wait for this event. On the first day our mission was to shoot at Deoksugung Palace.  I’d never been to this palace before so I was excited to check it out.  I found it to be very nice, not my favorite (Gyeongbokgung is my favorite), not a “must” see, but let’s call it a “hey if you have time and you like palaces then you might go see it” see. The palace buildings themselves are very pretty and similar to most Korean Palaces. The grounds are inviting and have a bit of a park vibe to them.  There are plenty of trees that provide shade and benches to relax on.  Several couples, friends, and families were just hanging out enjoying the atmosphere.dsc_1484dsc_1527dsc_1495dsc_1447dsc_1503dsc_1439

I was really surprised to see on the grounds two Western style buildings and a European looking fountain.  It was unusual, beautiful, and gives this palace a little something special.dsc_1467

Seokjojeon Hall was completed in 1910 and now serves as the Daehan Empire Historical Museum.dsc_1461dsc_1522

There is also a changing of the guard ceremony which can be watched at 11:00, 14:00, and 15:30 and lasts about a half an hour.  dsc_1540dsc_1561

Deoksugung Palace, while not my favorite, is still an enjoyable place to spend an hour or two. 🙂

Directions:  Go to City Hall Station (Seoul Subway Line 1, 2), Exit 2.  Go straight 100m to arrive at Daehanmun Gate on the right


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