Seoraksan and Sokcho

As I sit in my house hating this horrible heatwave we are having in Korea right now I can’t help but wish for fall and cooler temps.  When I think of fall I think of places to go where I can see the changing leaves and get out to enjoy a little nature.  The area around Mt Seoraksan and Sokcho is the perfect place to do those things.  We visited the area last October and started out with a visit to Mt Seoraksan National Park. DSC_0533

Just inside the park you are greeted by a large Buddha statue and a short ten minute walk past that takes you to the small yet beautiful Sinheungsa Temple.DSC_0519DSC_0629DSC_0570


It was evening when we first visited the park so we decided we’d come back the next morning to do a little hiking.  We opted for the Biryong Falls course which was amazing!  In many parts the hike runs along side a clear stream with pretty pools.  It’s up and over rocks, slightly scary steps, and across bridges.  The hike is beautiful and engages all your senses!   Then at the point where you’re feeling good and tired and you’d probably like to stop climbing, you reach the waterfall.  It isn’t the biggest waterfall in the world, but as you sit there letting your heart rate drop and appreciating the beauty around you, it is complete bliss.DSC_0666 DSC_0743DSC_0742DSC_0752DSC_0794DSC_0768DSC_0720

After you’ve had your mountain fill then it’s just a short drive to Sokcho where you can get in a little beach time.  It’s truly the best of both worlds!  The town itself is cute and there is a small but active fish market at the port area.  While we were there, rays of sunshine covered the entire town, they were probably the most beautiful rays I’ve ever seen.  Sadly my pictures don’t even come close to capturing the beauty we saw that day.  DSC_0939DSC_1033DSC_1122DSC_1039DSC_1057DSC_1079

The fish monger wives eyeing their prospects.DSC_1082DSC_1235

Just so you know, if you go in October, it’s chilly!DSC_1251

The clearest water.DSC_1241

This statue pretty much sums up how I feel about that trip!  I think I’m going to start planning Mt Seoraksan/Sokcho trip two. 🙂DSC_1256



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