So Hip in Harajuku

The Harajuku district is the place to go in downtown Tokyo for both shopping and people watching.  All the latest trends can be found in boutique shops along Takeshita street.  On the weekend the street is absolutely jam packed but that’s definitely part of the draw.  I learned about the Harajuku area several years ago and the outrageous over the top fashion that you could see trendy teen girls wearing there and it was absolutely something I wanted to see.  My own teen girl was all about the shopping while I was all about seeing how many trendsetters I could spot!  Most of the girls that I saw were wearing what I would describe as a Victorian baby doll style complete with vintage hats, umbrellas, and trimmings.  It was while doing a little research for this blog that I realized it’s actually called Lolita fashion, you learn something new everyday.  Anyway it’s super cute!  I also enjoyed all of the girls somewhat bored expressions, oh to be young and so cool! lol  If you’re in Tokyo I’d say definitely take a stroll down Takeshita!DSC_9968DSC_9973DSC_0011DSC_9985DSC_9998

I didn’t see anyone else with an outfit quite like this!  The shoes though, Fabulous!!DSC_9922

While the girls outfits are amazing, you find boys strutting their stuff as well.DSC_9926

A boy band maybe?DSC_9977.jpg

I think he’s throwing shade my way! haDSC_9986

The streetsDSC_9895DSC_9912DSC_9957DSC_0014

If you don’t get your fill of fun and funky just strolling through the streets, then after you’ve walked and worked up an appetite you might want to head over to Kawaii Monster Cafe!  I’ll be writing a separate piece to cover this awesome cafe but it’s a great way to finish off a Harajuku day. 🙂

Directions:  Make your way to Harajuku Station and go out the Takeshita exit.




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