Sublime Shopping in Sinsa

If I had to pick my favorite shopping district in Seoul, I would say it’s Samcheong-dong, but I hit up Sinsa-dong yesterday and it comes in a very close second. The main street that we shopped along was Garosu-gil. It is definitely an upscale shopping experience.  It’s busy but not packed like Myeongdong and instead of street food there are trendy open air cafes. The stores are expensive but not like the luxury brands in Apgujeong-Rodeo Street. The store selection was great and the area is super cute yet chic at the same time. Some of the American brand stores that I saw were Hollister, Swatch, Fossil, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, and more.  Also, if you are into luxury cars, you can see them there.  There was a constant stream of Porsch, Lexus, BMW, Astin Martin, and more cruising down the street.  This is a very enjoyable area to spend the day.DSC_9081DSC_9082

Super cute photo zone!DSC_9074DSC_9068DSC_9062DSC_9116

I’d never heard of KM PLAY but it is the coolest store!  The clothes are cute and the store is funky! ❤DSC_9088

My life motto. 🙂DSC_9090.jpg


The awesome staircase inside Hollister!DSC_9131DSC_9124DSC_9066

Here are some of the cafes and restaurants.DSC_9060DSC_9108DSC_9109DSC_9107

To get there go to Line 3 Sinsa Station and out exit 8.  Walk straight for about 300 meters and then turn left onto Garosu-gil.


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