Roaming Gone Wrong

So not every adventure I plan goes swimmingly(foreshadowing ;)). Sometimes despite my planning and best efforts this great day I think I’m going to have is just a bust. A few days ago my teenage daughter was invited by a friend to go to the lake. I said she could go and decided that sounded like a fun day so I would go too. Don’t worry I didn’t plan on cramping her style but I decided she could go with her friend and I would go with my sons. Well today was lake day. I woke up early, I woke the boys up early. The boys did not appreciate being woken up  Before 8am I’m already getting complaints. “Why do we have to go to the lake?” “Why can’t we just stay home?” “I’m tired.” Even though whining drives me right around the bend, I’m upbeat and I assure them that today is going to be awesome and we are going to have a great time! I print off two different sets of directions from the computer and off we go. I drop the girl at her friend’s house and the boys and I start the drive to Cheongpyeong Lake in Gapyeong.  Cheongpyeong Lake was formed when Cheongpyeong Dam was built on the Bukhangang River.  From the research I’d done online I knew there were lots of adult type water activities but I assumed that we could at least play along the shore and maybe we’d find some activities for kids as well. I know what you’re thinking about assuming, and you’d be right. The drive there was smooth sailing up until the point where Waze does not take me to the lake. I circle around a couple of times, but no, I am not where I intended to be. The boys are not happy, our 1 1/2 hour drive is now upwards of 2 hours. Okay, no problem, I’m prepared, I have a second address. I type that in and Waze says we are only 15 minutes away. Phew, 15 minutes, that’s not bad. I tell the boys to hang in there, it’s going to be worth it, we are going to have fun.  This time Waze takes us past our destination but at least we know now where it is. We backtrack and we see several areas where there are water activities, but it was not what I had envisioned at all. There are speedboats for water skiing, jet skis, tubing, bungee jumping, all kinds of fun things but there isn’t any shore or anywhere to hang out and play. All of these activities are right off the road and right along the river edge. If my husband had been with me we might have attempted some of the activities but I just did not feel comfortable banana boating with a 5 and 7 year old by myself. So we are there but it’s not going to happen.  I was out of ideas and the boys were out of patience. They ask if we can just go home and at that point I don’t know what else to do so I agree. I was so bummed I didn’t even take a single picture. Unfortunately the drive back was not easy either. There was traffic, I ended up missing a couple of exits, and our 1 1/2 hour drive took closer to 3. I heard my youngest son say to his brother “If I were a grown up and you were my son, I would just take you to the pool.” lol So that’s what we did. We went to the pool and they had fun. This day so did not go how I’d hoped, but hey you win some you lose some, and I live to roam another day. 🙂

The pool for the win.DSC_8700

P.S. The Gapyeong area is absolutely beautiful, if you have older kids or no kids you might really enjoy a trip there. You can see the site I used here.   Just remember the address listed will take you 5 minutes or so past all of the activities, once you see a bunch of boats and things on the left hand side of the river that is where you want to be.  My daughter and her friend had a great time!


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