Go Go Go to Sapgyoho!

You’ve probably seen it on your way to Malipo Beach or some other equally exciting destination, the big ferris wheel off of 45 on the right hand side, but you’re most likely always on your way somewhere else. And so you think for a fleeting moment that you should check that place out one day, but then your mind gets back to the trip at hand and sadly, Sapgyoho is forgotten. Well I’m telling you now that you should set aside a day just for this cute little tourist park. Sapogyoho has a really nice playground area and skate park right next to Sapgyoho lake.  The boardwalk area has a few sculptures and a really cute pier where you can feed seagulls. There are always a few fishing boats in the lake, it’s really quite nice.  I often see Koreans setting up tents in the area because they come for the day to just chill out and relax.  I’ve taken my kids here a few times and we always have fun!  The weekends can get busy but during the week it’s been almost empty at least when I’ve been.

A pirate ship playground.DSC_8200DSC_8168

When your teen can actually play and have fun at a park, well that’s just awesome.DSC_8170

The boardwalk area.DSC_8201

The pier.DSC_0402 copyDSC_5947

The bird’s got skills!DSC_8239DSC_8211

Usually we just hang out in this area and bring a picnic lunch, let the kids play for a couple of hours, and then go home.  However if you are looking for more you could go to the Dangjin Marine Tourism Organization.  This building is on the main street on the right hand side and has two battle ships, you really can’t miss it.  The cost is 6,000 Won per adult and 5,000 Won per child.  I’m going to tell you right now that this attraction is kinda hokey but on the other hand we had fun going through it.  In the building they have an “aquarium” and I probably shouldn’t put quotation marks because there are some fish in tanks, but folks this is not a fancy aquarium just so you know.  In addition to the real fish there were also several tanks with fake jellyfish floating around and a couple of other exhibits with fake animals. DSC_8083

There is a dinosaur room with probably five dinosaurs.DSC_8085

There are a couple of rooms with fossils and rocks, this section was actually pretty nice.DSC_8093DSC_8095

That’s basically it for the inside and then outside you can check out a couple of cool tanks and go inside one of battleships.DSC_8096DSC_8105DSC_8070

There are several military related exhibits inside of the battle ship but none of the explanations are in English.DSC_8127

After we finished up with the museum we made our way over to the little carnival.  This carnival has a few rides, a handful of carnival games, and an arcade.  While small, it was kind of nice though because we were able to do a little bit of everything but not break the bank.  Two baskets of darts cost 5,000 Won and each arcade game cost 1,000 Won.  I don’t remember exactly how much each ride cost, probably 3,000 Won or something close to that.  Not shown in the picture is the large ferris wheel and bumper cars.DSC_8485DSC_8374

Is that not the funkiest air hockey table you’ve ever seen!DSC_8451

Okay, I’m just letting you know that this is not a “happy crane”; this is a rigged crane.  I know that if you are anything like me, despite this warning you are going to think that you can beat this crane.  So go ahead and try but hopefully this will help you to fight the urge to try a second time. lolDSC_8476

As far as food goes there are numerous brightly colored fresh seafood restaurants, several nice looking coffee shops, and an abundance of ice cream/slushy stands.DSC_8144DSC_8489DSC_8492DSC_8501DSC_8497DSC_8148

I hope that you’ll go and enjoy yourselves as much as we did!!


100, Sapgyocheon 3-gil, Sinpyeong-myeon, Dangjin-si, Chungcheongnam-do









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