Relax and Recharge at Bonguensa Temple

Bonguensa Temple sits smack dab in the middle of Seoul, but it sure doesn’t feel that way.  While the area is surrounded by skyscrapers and is literally across the street from the Coex Mall, once you step through the entrance gate it feels like you leave all of that behind.  Bonguensa temple was originally built in 794 during the Shilla kingdom and moved from it’s original location at the foot of Sudo Mountain to it’s current location.  This temple has several unique features and is definitely worth a look!

In one of the temple buildings the entire wall is covered in tiny gold plated Buddha’s it’s stunning!IMG_1977

I was strolling around and then stopped to watch this monk paint for a few minutes.IMG_2095

When he looked up and saw me he smiled this wonderful smile.  There is just something about monks, I swear you can feel their kindness and inner peace.  I love it!IMG_2100

Tea ceremonies and Temple Stays as well as other programs are available.IMG_2098

These shoes are just great, I mean right!IMG_2111IMG_2126IMG_2089IMG_2041IMG_2014IMG_2083IMG_2051IMG_2116IMG_2122IMG_2134


Take line 7 to Cheongdam station and go out exit 2. Head straight and Bongeunsa Temple will be on your right.




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