Beautiful Views at Boriam Temple

Boriam Temple is a fairly plain temple as far as temples go. It’s medium in size and I can’t really think of a distinguishing factor in regards to the temple buildings themselves. So why is Boriam one of the most visited temples on Namhae Island?  Boriam Temple sits atop Mount Geumsan and is surrounded by striking rock formations, lush vegetation, and paths that lure you in with their beauty. Not only do you have the forest but the Namhae sea as well which is dotted with several islands and (on a clear day) spreads as far as the eye can see.  Boriam Temple originally built in 683 by the Great Master Wonhyois is also one of the noted three Praying Temples in South Korea.

Steps leading down to the Temple.DSC_6333DSC_6255DSC_6332DSC_6305DSC_6266DSC_6269DSC_6303DSC_6317DSC_6321DSC_6280DSC_6334DSC_6345DSC_6338DSC_6340DSC_6343DSC_6307

FYI, there are two parking lots at this temple.  Trust me, you do not want to walk to the temple from the lower lot!  At points the road leading from the lower parking lot is a 13% and even 22% incline.  You can either pay 5,000 Won to park in the upper parking lot or I believe there is a shuttle bus that you can take up as well.  If you opt to drive to the upper parking lot you will pull into one of two yellow lines and have to wait for other cars to come down in order to for you to go up.  We chose that option but on a crowded day the wait times could be quite long.


665, Boriam-ro, Sangju-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do



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