The Spectacular Samwangsa Temple

While on a recent trip to Busan I made my way to Samwangsa Temple. Buddha’s birthday is coming up so like most temples across Korea Samwangsa Temple was all decked out in lanterns. Unlike most temples though, at Samwangsa there are over 3 million lanterns! This temple is beautiful and would be worth a visit any time of the year but right now it is truly spectacular.  The festival continues until May 14th 2016.  We arrived around 4pm in order to see the temple during the daylight and then hung out to wait for the magic.









The lanterns were turned on at 7:00pm but it wasn’t until around 7:45pm when it was dark enough to start to really see them.




A chant was performed and women in robes with symbols and flowers performed a dance.DSC_4145.jpg





In order to get here we rode the subway and got off at the Seomyeon Station.  We exited through exit 11 and then hailed a taxi to take us up the hill.  It’s easy enough to find a taxi when you are done to take you back to the subway station but I would walk down to the bottom of the hill to get one as there are a lot of people trying to leave and it gets very congested near the temple.  Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “The Spectacular Samwangsa Temple

  1. Travelosio says:

    Wow! The place looks totally different at night when they lighted up the lanterns. I am cooking up an itinerary for SK and I will definitely include this one. Thank you!


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