Colorful, Quirky, Cool, The Gamcheon Culture Village


The Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan, ah I am in love.  I first read about this place in a newspaper article shortly after arriving to Korea.  The article had a picture of the colorful stair stepped houses which I promptly cut out and taped to my fridge.  I loved the look of the village and mentally added it to my must see list.  Well two years later I have finally seen it and it was definitely worth the wait.  If you’d like you can read more about the Village’s interesting history here.  When I first entered into the Village I was greeted by murals, cool sculptures, and and funky building decorations.  I felt a smile cross my face and I knew I was hooked.  I couldn’t wait to make way through the narrow alleyways deeper into the Village to see what else I would discover.DSC_3833

Pigeons with human faces, who wouldn’t want to see more?DSC_3834

These jeans were made for walking.DSC_3835.jpg

In addition to the adorable homes there are galleries, shops that sell cute souvenirs, and cafes that offer tasty treats.

So I loved the cat just hanging out.DSC_3871

Mmm, that’s a whole lot of delicious right there.DSC_3894


Even the cotton candy is in colorful layers, seriously? lolDSC_3866

The place just calls to be explored.DSC_3839


Go ahead and eat that cotton candy and cake because you are going to get your exercise. 😉DSC_3897

Here are a few of the murals you can see.DSC_3842


I totally agree with Mr. Chaplain. 🙂DSC_3857

My favorite.DSC_3855

I don’t think you can even call yourself a tourist spot in Korea if you don’t have a place to lock in your love! lolDSC_3843

I walked around this place for a good four hours but I absolutely could have stayed longer.  It’s fun and it’s funky.

Is that a house with an elephant head?  Yes, yes it is.DSC_3912.jpg

And then you have the house painted like a spotted cow.DSC_3919

It’s absolutely beautiful!  If you are in Busan the Gamcheon Culture Village is not to be missed.DSC_3910

The easiest way to get there is to go to the Toseong Subway Station on Line 1 use exit 6 and then to hail a taxi to take you to the top of the hill.  Have fun!







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