The Noryangjin Fish Market

The Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul is a happening place. The vibrant colors, the hustle and bustle, even the pushing as people squeeze by all adds to the charm. You’ve got to watch your step as little trucks hauling ice zip through the narrow lanes. The largest fish market in Seoul opens in the wee hours of the morning as people come to get the freshest seafood at wholesale prices. Women all dolled up with their hair and make up done try to convince you to buy at their stand. You can literally point to a tank and get any live type of fish that your heart desires and then take it to one of the restaurants upstairs to have it cooked up. This is one of the places I always recommend that people visit in Seoul because it’s so interesting and unique.


Giant shrimp, lobster, and crab.



Vendors easily scale the slippery tanks.


Take your pick.


An escapee, run buddy run!



A little ice truck zipping by.


Tools of the trade.



A vendor trying to convince us to buy this squiggly little guy.


The address:

688, Nodeul-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul


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