Seoul, the Land of Coffee and Crazy Cafe’s

I love Seoul! You can always find something unique and just a little crazy to do there. This past weekend my daughter and I decided we’d go cafe hopping. I’ve read about numerous themed cafes in the Korean capital so we picked a couple that sounded like the most fun and headed out. We decided we’d go real crazy right off the bat and start out with the raccoon cafe in Hyewha. I have to admit when we went up the elevator to the cafe I was feeling a little nervous so I paused for a moment and then opened the door. As soon as I cracked it open a raccoon popped his head out and I might have freaked just a little. I closed the door, took another moment, and then we headed in! We walked inside and stored our purses in little lockers, ordered drinks, and sat down at a table. We counted five raccoons total. Three were snuggled up on a shelf that was off limits so that they can get a break from people if they need it but two were just strolling around the cafe floor. There were also chains and planks secured to the ceiling so that the raccoons could climb and play. It was a little strange having raccoons just hanging out over head and I may have gotten up from my table a couple of times just to be sure I didn’t have a raccoon flop on my face or anything like that. lol The raccoons kind of reminded me of cats. They seemed a little temperamental, but we were able to pet them, and they were super cute for sure.  I believe kids have to be at least 12 years old for this cafe.





Next we went to the Hello Nature Cafe in Hongdae, better known as the sheep cafe.  It might be kind of fun if the sheep were loose in the cafe like the raccoons but they actually have a little pen just outside of the cafe.  Probably for the best. lol  There are two sheep and as long as you are a patron of the cafe then you can enter the pen and pet/hang out with the little lambs.  These lambs are super cute and sweet.  The food in the cafe is really tasty too!


Our last stop was the Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae.  The Hello Kitty Cafe is quite possibly the pinkest place on earth.  There are all things Hello Kitty there including a little bedroom with stuffed Hello Kitty’s that you can play with and just be silly I guess.  If you’re into Hello Kitty or have little girls that might be, then this is a fun stop for sure.


Hello Kitty hot chocolate and chocolate mousse cake.


Hello Kitty’s room




4 thoughts on “Seoul, the Land of Coffee and Crazy Cafe’s

  1. Nancy Hoover says:

    Racheal, these are amazing. How much fun! I won’t get to Korea, but your blog is almost as good. We think of all of you often. Looks like you’re thriving. So glad!


    • Roam with Racheal says:

      Hi Sig, I would say the chances of the white raccoon still being there are pretty good. Oh and I just learned about a new animal cafe in Hongdae, it’s a meerkat cafe! I’ll be checking it out and posting about in a couple of weeks. 🙂


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